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Lisa and Chris’ philosophy of sustainable living is driven by their beliefs. Sustainable management is applied to all aspects of their lives and business.

Amuri Estate Retreat’s business practices are sustainable because if the business is not it will cease to be able to compete.

Communities are in need of sustainable management. Chris & Lisa are involved with the community by way of:

  • Chris’s election to the Hanmer Springs Community Board
  • Committee member of the Hanmer Springs Business Association
  • Participation with Hanmer Springs Community Patrol
  • Lisa is a Community Librarian

Natural resources need to have sustainable management if they are to be able to be continually used by our generation and future generations. Amuri Estate Retreat works hard to support this beautiful area and to add to its uniqueness, diversity, and cultural heritage.

"Amuri Estate Retreat operates within a living sustainable business model that would be aspirational to many 5-star accommodation providers.” (Sustainable Tourism (STAR) Assessment of Amuri Estate Retreat 2010)."


Chris & Lisa operate a working olive grove and have sustainable land management practices in place e.g. recycling of waste & water, composting food scraps, mulching, and the limited use of chemicals both inside the Retreat and on the property.

Chris & Lisa's personal lives also need to be managed sustainably. This can be by making decisions that will help sustain their immediate surroundings and environment and by managing their emotional and physical well-being. Chris & Lisa take time out for themselves so that they can travel together, as well as working on their individual pursuits outside of the hospitality industry. Lisa enjoys going hiking, horseback riding and spending time ‘leisure reading’.


Chris gets away on overnight hiking excursions with friends. This renews the commitment and vision they have to provide their guests with a high-end standard of comfort while showcasing their property as a living example of sustainable management.

Chris & Lisa currently practice and are continuing to develop long-term actions that are in keeping with their belief that they are caretaking this land for future generations. You can read more about these actions in their Sustainability Assessment Report.
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